Вибіркові дисципліни другої мови

Дисципліни вільного вибору

Освітня програма: Німецька/французька мова і література та друга іноземна мова


Курс   6  Семестр  11  Навчальний   рік   2021-2022   н.р.


Теорія другої іноземної мови

Викладач:  д.ф.н., проф. Єсипенко Н.Г., к.ф.н., доц. Грижак Л.М., к.ф.н., доц. Гнатковська О.М.

Опис курсу:

Theory of Second Foreign Language will be extremely useful for future linguists, teachers, translators/interpreters how will be able to boast their linguistic knowledge in TWO foreign languages!!! The course will consist of three parts (English grammar, English lexicology, English stylistics) and provide our students with basic knowledge in the three fields. The students will be explained fundamental theoretical issues in an easy-to-understand English and taught how to recognize linguistic phenomena in text (which is very helpful in preparation for the final state examination)! 

Lectures on theoretical grammar aim at providing the students with a brief survey of the key notions and terminology of grammar and English morphological system. Seminars familiarize students with the syntactic system of English, introducing them to research tools necessary for sentence and phrase analysis. The course will consolidate students’ knowledge of the English grammar system and metalanguage, enhance students’ proficiency in grammar as well their general linguistic awareness. It is required that students have a good command of English and basic terms of practical English grammar. 

Lectures on English lexicology focus on etymology of the English wordstock, word structure, productive ways of the word formation. Students will get familiarized with the types of borrowings in English, classification of synonyms and antonyms. The problem of polysemy and word meaning will be discussed. Variants of the English language are under special consideration.

Lectures on Stylistics provide insight into this linguistic discipline acknowledging students with the key concepts in stylistics i.e. its object and subject of study, the notions of register, genre and style, the typology of figures of speech and their main semantic and functional features, stylistic differentiation of the English vocabulary, narrative and its structure, point of view in narrative discourse and an overview of phraseological units.



ЛКЗ другої іноземної мови


Викладач: к.ф.н., асист. Негрич Н.Д.

Опис курсу:

The course is designed to familiarize students whose second language is English with some peculiarities of English speaking countries. If you decide to study the subject with the English Department you will have an opportunity to learn about the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as well as about the United States of America. The course is student-oriented and friendly atmosphere is the main principle of our lessons. After colloquiums on Linguistic and Country Studies you will be efficient in: 

  • History of  Great Britain and the USA; 
  • Physical geography of the UK and the USA;
  • Human geography and demographics of the UK and the USA;
  • System of government in Great Britain;
  • State governments of the USA;
  • Dominant political parties of the USA;
  • Religions in the UK and the USA;
  • National Icons of the UK and the USA;
  • System of education in the UK and the USA.

MOREOVER, you’ll know names of all the 50 states of America and will be able to show them on the map. You’ll have NO PROBLEM watching films in English. Travelling and even living abroad will become as nice as pie


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